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QCalendarBase Class Reference

#include <qcalendarbase.h>

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Detailed Description

(abstract) base class for the calendar widgets

Stephan Stapel, <stephan.stapel@web.de>
The base class provides some functions for setting properties that are common for all calendar widgets. It also defines some signals that might (or might not) be emitted by the respective implementation. Furthermore, this class implements the selection mechanism for the appointments in the calendar classes.

Definition at line 59 of file qcalendarbase.h.


void appointmentClicked (unsigned int appointmentId)
void appointmentDoubleClicked (unsigned int appointmentId)
void beginBaseDragging (const QDateTime &downDate)
void calendarContextMenu (const QPoint &pos, unsigned int appId)
void calendarDoubleClicked (const QDateTime &clickDate)
void dateChanged (const QDateTime &newDate)
void endBaseDragging (const QDateTime &downDate, const QDateTime &upDate)
void initialDateChanged (const QDate &)

Public Member Functions

bool appsRounded () const
bool baseDraggingEnabled () const
virtual QDate getDate ()
bool navigationVisible () const
virtual void onBackwardClicked ()
virtual void onForwardClicked ()
 QCalendarBase (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, WFlags f=0)
void setAppsRounded (bool isRounded=true)
void setBaseDraggingEnabled (bool isEnabled=true)
virtual void setDate (const QDate &newDate)
void setNavigationVisible (bool isVisible=true)
void setShowCursor (bool showIt=true)
bool showCursor () const
virtual ~QCalendarBase ()
selection functions
void clearSelection ()
void deselectItem (unsigned int thisId, bool doDeselect=true)
QValueList< unsigned int > getSelection () const
bool isSelected (unsigned int thisId) const
void selectItem (unsigned int thisId, bool doSelect=true)
color scheme functions, used in the
calendar implementation classes

virtual QColor getAppTitleColor () const
virtual QColor getBgColor () const
virtual QColor getCaptionBgColor () const
virtual QColor getCurrentDayBgColor () const
virtual QColor getDragColor () const
virtual QColor getSundayColor () const

Protected Attributes

QDate m_currDate
QValueList< unsigned int > m_rgSelections
navigation buttons
QPushButton * m_pBackButton
QPushButton * m_pForwButton

Private Slots

private slots that are called whenever one of the navigation buttons
are pressed

void backwardClicked ()
void forwardClicked ()

Private Attributes

bool m_bAppsRounded
bool m_bBaseDraggingEnabled
bool m_bShowCursor
QDate m_initial_date

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