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QTodoSettingsContainer Class Reference

#include <qtodo_settings_container.h>

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Detailed Description

Contains all application settings and manages saving and loading of them.

Definition at line 28 of file qtodo_settings_container.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static QTodoSettingsContainerget ()
static void save ()

Public Attributes

bool autosave_lists
int autosave_minutes
bool backups
int border_width
bool borderless_task
bool dont_quit_on_window_close_button
bool extend_todo_on_mouse_over
QString last_todo_list
int last_todo_list_pos
QString locale
int main_height
int main_width
int main_x
int main_y
int minutes_between_deadline_warnings
int minutes_to_warn_before_deadline_expire
QStringList open_with_commands
bool print_icons
bool print_with_filter
bool save_main_geom
bool show_main_window_at_startup
bool tab_input
QString todo_item_body_color
bool todo_item_body_color_system
QString todo_item_head_color
bool todo_item_head_color_system
bool todo_item_menu_button
QStringList todo_list_files
int todo_text_point_size
bool tray_icon
int undo_steps
bool warn_before_deadlines_expire
bool warn_by_command_execution
bool warn_by_deadline_dialog
bool warn_by_trayicon
QString warning_execute_command

Private Attributes

QSettings * m_settings

Static Private Attributes

static QTodoSettingsContainer_instance = NULL

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